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Assembling the Champion Juicer

If you're going to make pulse, then please learn how to assemble the juicer quick with the least amount of fuss.

Step 1 - Observe flat on Shaft

If the motor shaft is dirty, use a scratcher pad to clean it. Make sure to oil it now and again with vegetable and preferably olive oil to keep it from rusting.

Step 2 - Line up and slide on the cutter

Now observe the flat inside the cutter and line up with the flat you've observed on the shaft. Push it all the way on until it bumps against motor.

Step 3 - Hold the tube like this

For people that are right-handed, hold the tube like this. You'll find out why shortly

Step 4 - Install screen and hold down corner edges

Install the screen onto the tube and hold down the far corner edges (see red arrows) so that you can...

Step 5 - Line up grooves on chute with bumps on screen and notch on tube

With your right-hand, line up the bracket magnet (in yellow on picture) to point towards the left and line up the grooves (red on picture) on the chute with the notches of the screen and the tube. If you reverse the chute, it won't go on.

Step 6 - Slide chute all the way on

Continue to slide on the chute until it fully seats.

Step 7 - Install tube on motor - line up tabs

Slide the assembled tube onto the motor. Line up the tabs like so.

Step 8 - Rotate tube to lock in place

With the tabs lined up and the tube fully against the motor housing, rotate the tube to make it lock into place.