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My "Ideal" Day of Wellness

5:00 AM Wake up. 5-7 am is when bowels are active to eliminate waste.
5:10 AM Drink 500mL / 8 oz water
5:15 AM Do some stretches (any type)
5:25 AM Drink 500mL / 8 oz water
5:30 AM - Make pulse
      or eat local fruit in season: apple, orange, pear, grapes, plum, apricots, cherries, tomato, cantaloup, watermelon etc
      , take one capsule of Liver support
5:45 AM - Eat pulse
6:00 AM - Go for 15 minute walk
7:00 AM - Eat ground grains:like coarsely ground groats (whole oats) see oat recipe below. From 7-9 AM the stomach is most active. Breakfast should be biggest meal of day
9-11 AM - best time to do heavy work while morning is cool
11:00 Drink 500mL / 8 oz water. 11 am to 1 PM is active phase of heart.
12:00 PM Eat lunch
2:00 PM Take 15-30 minutes nap in vehicle with seat-back reclined or just lay on bed for 15 minutes. From 2-4 PM your adrenal glands need to rest.
3:00 PM Drink 500mL / 8 oz water - flush out waste from breakfast
4:00 PM Drink 500mL / 8 oz water - provides water to aid in digesting supper
4:00 PM Make pulse and supper
5:00 PM Eat pulse and supper. 5-7 PM kidneys are most active to balance pH etc levels.
7:00 PM Drink 500mL / 8 oz glass of water. 7-9 PM is time to relax before bed and avoid mental work.
7:45 PM Pray
8:00 PM Eliminate water
8:05 PM In bed. Many believe every hour you sleep before midnight is equivalent to two after midnight.
11 PM - 1 PM is resting phase for heart.

These are things that I've personally discovered and believe in. Again, I am not a doctor and am making no diagnosis by these statements.


Water is essential for the transportation of nutrients into the cell and waste from the cell to be eliminated from the body. Water is essential for digestion. Drinking water 1 hour before your meal will give you the necessary water to create digestive juices. However, drinking water with a meal is bad because then you dilute the digestive juices.

Insufficient water may result in headaches, lack of energy, less urine, darker urine and body toxicity.


Take 1/2 cup of oats, grind very coarsely in Back to Basics grain mill, bring 1/5 cups of water to boil, add oats, simmer on low heat for 15-20 minutes till soft, stirring every 3-5 minutes to keep from burning on bottom. Take off heat, leave on lid so it can soak up water and continue cooking without scalding on bottom. Add fruit to your liking. If you grind grain too fine, it will be like paste and burn easily: so grind it coarse. You just need to crack it open and then it will cook faster.


There is no replacement for walking. It helps move food through the digestive tract also. We cannot expect to get anywhere health-wise if we don't walk.

Eliminate water = Pee

Water goes through you in about 1 hour. In other words, if you drink 1 glass of water at 7 PM, you will need to eliminate the water at about 8PM. If you don't, then for shame, you were severely dehydrated or ate a dry sponge for supper.


Sleep is important to remove waste from the cells and build up energy reserves for the next day. Eating better and proper exercise will increase the ability of your body to cleanse itself and restore energy for the next day. Good nutrition and proper exercise can also reduce your need for sleep.

Getting to sleep 4 to 2 hours before midnight is important. Some say every 1 hour before midnight is worth 2 after midnight. I try to go to sleep when the sun goes down. I like to watch the sunset and then go to sleep.


The Bible teaches that if we don't worship Him, then we will worship His creation. This leads to idolatry, sin and death. So even for health sake, we need to worship and praise our Creator. Also, God has power to give us ETERNAL life, so how can we refuse this gift through Jesus Christ his Son?