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Pulse - Ground Vegetables: Cabbage, Carrot, Apple

Pulse is ground up vegetables. And the pulse that I make consists of three primary ingredients: cabbage, carrots and apples. Just think CAB for carrots, apples and cabbage. Yes, that's the three "secret" ingredients: carrots, apples and cabbage. Let me put them in a list here:

How I Make Pulse

I grind the carrot, apple and cabbage up with a Champion© juicer and mix the juice and pulp together. Then I eat the juice and pulp together. I call it pulse. Together, these three ingredients: 2 vegetables and 1 fruit combine to do things for my body that no medicine or other substance can even come close to doing. Let me emphasize that pulse is not just juice.

What is Pulse?

Pulse is the juice AND the pulp. And in my experience, pulse is at least three times or more powerful and can do far more in healing and faster than juicing can. I believe this to arise from the fact that the pulp provides a huge surface area for the bacteria in the intestinal bacteria to feed on. Juicing does not provide this. Also the pulp has more fiber and pores than juice which aids in carrying waste out of the intestinal tract. So again, I believe and have seen that eating pulse is way more powerful than juicing. In my experience, and what other people have told me, there's hardly a comparison.

How I Discovered Pulse

Years ago, when I read Max Gerson's book "A Cancer Therapy: 50 Cases and the Cure", I was really intrigued. Dr Gerson's story was practical. I didn't understand much of the detailed things in the book and skimmed through it, but I did learn about juicing vegetables, coffee enemas, potassium salts and good eating.

I called the cancer clinic and asked them if I could visit their clinic. Not that I had cancer, but I thought, "Wouldn't this make me healthier?" I spoke to a helpful clinician who was a trained assistant and asked her about attending the clinic. She asked me if I could get a Champion juicer and could make vegetable juice at home. I told her that I could. She recommended I just follow the treatment at home.

So I bought a Champion juicer and took it home. I had bought organic carrots, apples, cabbage etc and made some vegetable juice. I juiced up several carrots, 1 apple and some cabbage about the size of a dollar bill. After drinking the juice I felt invigorated. But this was just my experience with juice alone. I threw out the pulp.

Years later, now and again I would make vegetable juice with carrots, apples and cabbage. I always enjoyed it, but didn't enjoy cleaning up the juicer afterwards. And I went through a lot of vegetables.

I thought about the juicing process. And I realized that the problem was the way the kitchens were designed. My refrigerator had space for vegetables, but it was at the bottom. You had to bend over to grab the vegetables. And my counter space didn't have good room for processing vegetables. And the juicer was made for a right-hand person (will work for a lefty of couse), but mine was positioned where the vegetables should be cut. So I set about changing my kitchen. I wanted to raise the kitchen counter-top so that I wouldn't have to hunch over either, since I'm taller.

The Discovery of Pulse

I was in business of cleaning out gutters and brushing moss off roofs. I had an employee at the time, and we made vegetable juice to have energy for our strenuous line of work. It's more fun to make vegetable juice when there is someone else to encourage you. So here's the important part: I'm making the juice and Ryan says to me, "Brad, why do you throw away the pulp?"

Why Throw Away the Pulp?

That's a great question. Why should a person throw away pulp when making juice? It is a waste of sorts. And the juice is sweeter without the pulp. And yes, maybe the pulp should go into the garden instead of down the waste-disposal or into the trash? What should I do with the pulp? So I tried the pulp. It was dry, of course. So we mixed the sweet juice with the pulp. We were experimenting. So I tooked some pulp from the bowl and put it in with the juice. When the pulp was added to the juice, it soaked up much of the juice and made a paste. It looked kinda like really finely ground vegetable mush. Well, what does it taste like? I ate a spoonful and it was fine. It wasn't as sweet as juice. I couldn't put it in a glass and drink it like juice, so I mixed the the rest of the pulp into the juice, and we ate it out of bowls with spoons. I remember very clearly what happened next.

One Difference Between Pulse and Juice

Obviously, besides the consistency, the pulse is very different from the juice in the way it affected me. When I drank vegetable juice, it was sweet, and I got a huge energy rush. There was a lot of sugars from the vegetables that I absorbed fast. The juice gave me a rush. But eating the pulp was different. The pulp gave me energy, but not a sugar rush. It was steady energy. And I didn't have to go pee in half an hour or an hour. My body took all the fluid and held it in my gut. I had more energy for a longer period of time. So the biggest initial difference between the juice and the pulse is that I didn't get a big sugar rush. The sugar was toned down by the fiber. And because God makes perfect fruits and vegetables, the fiber is just right for the juice it is mixed with.

Why I Know Pulse Better Than Juice

After wondering why pulse affected me so much better than vegetable juice, I think I've found a major component of the answer. Let me start with this: Have you ever had food poisoning? Food poisoning is when you get bad bacteria in your food and it multiplies in your gut. And the waste products of the bad bacteria make you sick.

Pulse and Pro-Biotics

So now, let's think of the opposite. You take good bacteria (which are already in your gut) and then feed them lots of good food. The good bacteria multiply enormously and our body feeds and absorbs off the good byproducts of the good bacteria. And then you need fiber to carry away the waste products.

Pulse and Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

So this is how I figure pulse works. First, you take good food. Now who in health food industry wouldn't recommend eating carrots, apples and cabbage? They are fresh fruits and vegetables. And then who doesn't recommend chewing your food? The better you choose your food, the smaller the pieces. And I'm just using a juicer to make the pieces really, really small. Then who doesn't recommend eating food high in fiber? So I was basically doing what everbody knows to do, but using a juicer to "chew" "my food" really well. And so I eat the pulse, bit by bit, having the proper mix (determined by fruits and vegetables) of sugar to fiber etc. And the pulse goes into my gut where the healthy bacteria feed on it. And because it's not juice that would go right through me, and since it has fiber, it gives the bacteria an enormous surface area for the bacteria to live and feed on. Imagine the surface area of a carrot. Now imagine making the carrot into a pulp and spreading it around. Which has more surface area? Obviously the carrot pulp. So that's why I think it works. I'm grinding up the food really well, eating it and it feeds the good bacteria in my digestive tract and gives it a huge surface area for it to live on, feed on and multiply and in doing so feeds me. Yes!

Pulse and Chewing Your Food Well

Who doesn't recommend chewing your food well? Crushing vegetables to a pulp does the chewing fast.

Cabbage and the Thyroid

In my studies about nutrition, I have been told by an expert in the field (of the human thyroid organ) that cabbage has components that feed the thyroid. The thyroid regulates hormones etc in the body.

Carrots and Apples

Carrots have vitamin A and beta-carotene and God knows for sure what all else that He put in it. And apples have pectin and soluble fiber in them which helps carry waste materials out of the body. Together, this combination of cabbage, carrots and apples packs a powerful healing punch for me.


Please let me be clear. I am not a doctor. I am not a teacher. I am not a physician. I am not making diagnosis here. Nor am I recommending any drugs. I do not have a degree in nutrition. I have not consulted with any doctors to make and prescriptions, drugs or formulas for any people. And the statements I make here are from my experiences and are for educational purposes only. If you make pulse and get healing, then that is your responsibility.

Warning About Cleansing Too Fast or Too Much

Please do not confuse juicing with eating pulse or ground vegetables. If you are drinking 16 oz of vegetable juice, don't even try to eat 16 oz of pulse in one sitting. Some people have tried this and detoxified way too quickly and gotten sick from excessive detoxing (think: vomitting, diahrea, headaches)

I want to warn you that pulse, as described here, is a very powerful cleanser and healer. Eating too much (at one sitting or too much per day) can cause your body to detoxify too quickly. Also, detoxifying too fast can cause the liver to become overloaded with toxins (from detoxifying) and go into a coma (in more extreme circumstances) which may result in death. So, if you have liver problems, or cancer, please pay special attention to this very important fact. I have helped my own liver with supplements of milk thistle, dandelion, burdock and artichoke leaf using a supplement from Oregon's Wild Harvest - Milk Thistle Dandelion1

If you have had liver disease, have a weak liver, thyroid issues, are taking medication, taking heart medication, taking blood pressure medication or whatever else, please consult with a healing physician. Why? Because if you are taking a dangerous drug and suddenly you don't need it, but continue the drug, it may very well kill you! Let me tell you my experience with this.

How Taking Drugs You Don't Need May Kill You (or come close)

A friend of mine was drinking vegetable and fruit juice and switched to a vegetarian diet. He had cancer and high blood pressure. He had taken blood pressure medication for years. The medication lowered his blood pressure through chemicals. After aproximately 8 days, his wife called me on the phone, she said "Brad, Roy is sick. He's pale and clammy. What have you done?" I told her that eating vegetables and fruits doesn't have this side-effect and told her to call the doctor right away. The next day, Barbara (Roy's wife) and Roy figured out what had happened. After 8 days of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, his blood pressure had lowered/normalized. So when he took his blood-pressure medication without first measuring it, the medication had caused his blood pressure to plummet. So the next day, they took his blood pressure and found it normal, so after years of taking the blood pressure medication, they were able to discontinue it. I tell you this because this is what I've witnessed, and also so that you understand the importance of talking with your doctor about medications you may be on and being careful how when your organ tissues normalize, you may need to adjust your medication. This is just one example of many. Also, at this time, I didn't even know about pulse, and this man healed his blood pressure problem with just fruit and vegetable juice and brown rice in 8 days!

Here's another story relating to thyroid medication and pulse: I had a friend who had thyroid issues. Her thyroid put out too little. She ate some pulse at my recommendation. She felt odd. She went to the doctor and found that her thyroid had increased its production. Her doctor lowered his prescribed thyroid replacement medication. Before, when she felt bad, and had gone to the doctor, he had increased her thyroid medication.

My Recipe for Pulse

Before I get into details, here is how I make pulse. I wash a dollar bill size piece of cabbage leave (red, purple or green), 1 or more fresh, organic non-gmo carrot, organic, non-gmo apple (remove woody stem and flower parts, but leave core and seed intact) cut into 6 pieces. I run these washed vegetables and fruit through a Champion © juicer2. Then I combine ALL the pulp with ALL the juice and eat as much as I need for that setting. That's it for making it. It will keep about 24 hours Maximum if put in airtight container and refrigerated promptly.

Let me review the ingredients again: 1 small piece of cabbage leaf, 1 apple, 1 carrot. That's it.

Let me review the ingredients a third time (you may want to memorize it): 1 small piece of cabbage leaf, 1 apple, 1 carrot. That's it. No more, nor less is required.

I have added a little to these three core ingredients: a little lemon, or a little beet, cucumber, etc. But the three core ingredients have dominated the batch. No matter how much I am fixing, I only need a dollar-bill size piece of cabbage. I may have 2 apples, or 2 carrots, but the amount of cabbage stays the same.

When eating the pulse, I take smaller bites, "chewing" it well to mix it with saliva. I notice the effects of the pulse within 10 minutes, typically with better eyesight.

Since the ground up vegetables and fruits have a strong cleansing effect, I drink a lot of water throughout the day to flush out the toxins. I avoid sugary foods that would feed bacteria that grows on the toxins and eat more vegetables for fiber. I definately avoid meats, fats and fatty foods when eating pulse.

Warning - I Start or Restart Eating Pulse Slowly

Years ago, when recommending pulse and sharing it with my friends, I would give them a cup or so. Several of my friends became extremely ill the next day with vomitting, diarhea etc, signs of extreme cleansing. You may think that some of these people didn't eat healthy, and you are correct. But, I warn you, some of them were eating "healthy". Some were drinking up to 16 oz of green vegetables juices per day. So let me say this, calmly and firmly: I restart eating pulse slowly. I eat 1 tablespoon the first day (drinking lots of water), 2 Tablespoons the next day (drinking lots of water), and watching for signs of cleansing. Then 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup and after about a week, 1 cup per day. Then I work my way up to 1 cup with 2 of my meals per day. Personally, I typically get up to 1/2 cup before noticing cleansing.

Signs of Cleansing

Signs of cleansing include: pimples on face, pimples on arms, chest, joints, back of neck, back, knees, ankles. Signs that I need more water for cleansing include: dryness of mouth, phlegm, congestion etc.

Extreme signs of cleansing include: vomitting, diarhea, headaches etc. I have never experienced these, but other people who have eaten pulse too much, too fast have.

Healing Affects I've Witnessed

1 - I use the Oregon Wild Harvest products, but I do not sell them, nor am I involved with their company. I just like how effective their product is.
2 - I use a Champion© juicer, but am not involved with, nor do I sell their juicer. I just like how effectively it grinds up fruits and vegetables into a mash/pulp that I can eat.