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Preparing Vegetables

Making ground up carrots, apples and cabbage isn't difficult. I've put together some photos for people not used to preparing vegetables.

Preparing for preparing vegetables

I put a wash basin inside a sink. Then I fill it with water. I don't have running water right now, and that's not an excuse for not making pulse. I just carry it into the kitchen and pour it in from a container.

I just do one vegetable at a time so that I don't fill up the counter.


Carrots are 1 of the three base ingredients of pulse. They are great for the eyes. Count and wash your carrots. Cut off the tops and any bad areas (hopefully you bought good carrots). Cut them into 2-3 inch or 6-7 cm pieces.


Apples are 1 of the three base ingredients of pulse. They are a great cleaner and source of minerals. Count and wash the apples. Cut the apples in half. Check for mildew. Remove the stem and the flower. Leave the core with the seeds. Cut the halves into three equal pieces. Put on the pile.


Cabbage is 1 of the three base ingredients of pulse. It feeds the thyroid which regulates the body. Cabbage is extremely important. You don't need much though. Most cabbage will make the pulse taste a little bitter, so go easy on your first few batches. You don't want to spoil the taste so that you don't want to eat it again. Especially for kids, just put in a piece of cabbage the size of a quarter the first time.

The Pile of vegetables

Now you have a pile of vegetables that will fit into the juicer just fine.